Accelerate market adoption of digital innovation and new products with employees and customers at lightening speed.

At Horizn, we exist to help financial institutions and technology companies launching innovations and new products, dramatically accelerate the market adoption at speed and enterprise scale. We do this by inciting your employees, sales forces, and yes, your customers to quickly become knowledgeable and digitally fluent on your latest products.

We believe the quest for knowledge is human, and every product and feature you are launching requires information to be consumed and knowledge to be shared. Horizn is designed to build employee and consumer awareness, knowledge and engagement with the intent to help you gain mind share, increase adoption and revenue, and deliver measurable results.

Meet Horizn’s Go-To-Market Knowledge Platform

Horizn operates globally, aiding companies in over 40+ countries and 15 languages. Our platform is mobile first and proven with global market leaders such as Motorola, Lenovo, Royal Bank of Canada, Fairfield County Bank, TESSCO and Kobo Rakuten.

We help companies get new technology and products quickly to market. For example, banks using the Horizn platform have seen as much as 25% increased mobile usage. Banks are using our platform for digital transformation to share knowledge and gain adoption with employees and consumers in kiosks and on tablets in bank branches. Technology companies are using our platform with field teams across the world to share product knowledge and increase sales with third-party retails. Our clients are seeing as much as 27% increased product sales


Incite Knowledge and Retain with Microlearning

For today’s knowledge economy, learning technology MUST be agile, always-on, quick to scale and responsive to change to help you gain critical business competitive advantage. At Horizn we work with global mobile leaders like The Royal Bank of Canada, Lenovo and Motorola. We believe in always-on… profitable learning. We use tools like micro learning, the process of learning through short, digestible, well-planned units. Micro learning addresses the needs of employees and customers and meets the hurdles set up by mobile technology and dwindling attention spans.

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Amplify The Social Enterprise

The Horizn platform embraces social technologies and methods that empower employees and customers to converse and collaborate when learning about your product and features. Social learning technology amplifies the rate at which critical content can be shared, knowledge can be created and questions can be answered. When people learn the way they prefer they get better at it and feel empowered.

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Scale The Mobile Enterprise

To enable the anytime, anywhere world, enterprise mobile scale and speed are critical. Our platform ensures you have direct contact with your network of employees, suppliers, distributors and customers, which is critical to growing mindshare and maximizing revenue opportunities. We ensure that your product and technology go-to-market initiatives extend across the network to facilitate interactions that foster deeper relationships and support growth.

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Engage with Game-Play and Rewards with Incentives

Companies around the world are leveraging our game mechanics to engage customers and drive motivation to achieve goals. Gamification is a process of using game thinking and mechanics to engage users. This concept can be applied to both customer facing applications and employee facing applications. We find with our clients that rewards, incentives and gamificiation methods contribute to increase knowledge, increased sales, time-to-competency, enhance overall learning, and improve retention rates.

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Proven Impact

Time after time the Horizn platform has delivered real ROI and competitive advantage to our clients. We provide proven measurable results and solid data about your users and their learning. You will gain an understanding of employee and customer proficiency about new products and their direct impact on adoption and sales. The platform provides a comprehensive reporting and analytics tool that gives business managers the intelligence needed to establish program success and link directly to business results.

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Integrated Managed Services

Horizn Managed Services are fully integrated with Horizn Product Management, Engineering and Support. Horizn delivers a comprehensive solution to build and maintain successful learning and product launch programs. From day one, we’re ready to work closely with you. Our team can help you get started quickly and deliver the best experience for employees, sales and consumers. You can have comprehensive platform control and management or we can help you with it.

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