Our Story

Horizn’s mission is straightforward: We help companies that are bringing constant innovation to market, facing mass disruption and need to redefine their customer and employee experience at enterprise scale. We believe the key to market adoption is to make sure everyone is knowledgeable and digitally fluent on your latest products — this means your employees, your sales-force, your channel partners and, yes, your consumers. By changing the way companies distribute knowledge to their employees, partners and clients, they can mobilize and create engagement that drive results.

Horizn’s revolutionary mobile enterprise platform incorporates the power of learning, social technology with gameplay and and advanced analytics to deliver a high-performance knowledge sharing solution.

Horizn is a SaaS technology company located in Toronto’s financial district, we operate globally, helping companies in 40+ countries and 15 languages. Our clients are global and our solution is enterprise scalable. We did a count Horizn’s employees are diverse and speak 19 different languages and our staff  come from over 14 different countries.

At a time when consumers have a wealth of information at their disposal, we have the ability to mobilize your employees and consumers, engage them and make them more knowledgeable about your products to drive advocacy and sales.